I recommend you read the fantasy series without familiarizing yourself with the summary. The journey would be more potent. Consider Hitchcock's movie Psycho; it is so much more interesting watching it if you have no idea what the movie is about. To help you decide if you wish to read the rest of the story, please read the provided SAMPLE.

However, if you just have to know what's going to happen, read on.

I'm writing the summary as I've seen Netflix write summary for its series' episodes.

Series Summary

A reluctant princess, Lauraliee Lumijer, grows into a queen as she defends Ardan from dragon-people (people that change into dragons). A hermit dragon-prince, Diamond Pendragon, is forced to rejoin Ardanian society and reevaluate his convictions.

Episode 1

  1. Cornelian the Great learns that Lord Malachite Pendragon has escaped his granite prison. He must bring back the Warriors of Virtue.
  2. Prince Vladimir and Princess Nikolina play a trick on their maid during the preparations for the upcoming gala.
  3. Punished for a prank she did not commit, Princess Lauraliee decides to escape the castle with her cousin and sister. Before they can, Cornelian gathers them for a special lesson.

Episode 2

  1. Following Cornelian and Artemis, Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina encounter a flock of sheep, before being chased by “ghosts”.
  2. Beneath the apple tree Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina are introduced to a Mirror Guardian, Levinia, a beautiful sphinx, who transports them to the Hall of Mirrors where they make an important discovery.
  3. Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina become Warriors of Virtue.

Episode 3

  1. Srdjan makes an important discovery. Cornelian reveals the Warriors of Virtue’s first mission.
  2. An impenetrable hedge prevents Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina from continuing their journey.
  3. The presence of three unsupervised underage royals within Armalis Forest surprises Vert Swiftwing. Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina find their way to Emerald Lake.

Episode 4

  1. Lord Malachite’s order makes Vert and Diamond uncomfortable. Nikolina discovers fairies in the forest. Lauraliee and Vladimir battle Vert as Warriors of Virtue.
  2. Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina cross paths with Ning and his friends. Cornelian sends Artemis to the Empyreal Castle with an important letter for the Queen. Queen Dragana is worried about the children.
  3. Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina are attacked by a herd of wild centaurs.

Episode 5

  1. Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina save the day and are gifted a blanket to help them on their way.
  2. Srdjan has his first magic lesson. Vladimir captures a rabbit. Queen Dragana and King Mihajlo hear troubling news from the King and Queen of the Elves.
  3. Lauraliee, Vladimir, and Nikolina encounter chameleon-people.

Episode 6

Coming Soon.

Episode 7

Coming Soon.

Episode 8

Coming Soon.

Episode 9

Coming Soon.

The story continues...

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