December 07, 2016

Artemis the Wise Owl

Species: Athene Noctua Sapiens 
Height: 20 cm (7.87")
Wing-length: 25 cm (9.84")
Tail: 5.5 cm (2.17")
Colour: Brown, white, beige
Eyes: yellow with a moss green circle around the pupil
Origin: Goddess Athena's Little Owl, Sophie, ate a moonbeam and gave birth to a tinny spotted egg.
Favourite Beverage: tea
Weakness: tea
Hobbies: reading, pampering himself
Best friend: Cornelian
Occupation: Cornelian's assistant
Sexual Orientation: Unknown (maybe asexual)
Dominant Elements: Air and Earth
Flaws: selfish, temperamental, arrogant

Artemis, an immortal wise owl, was named after his godmother, the goddess Artemis. He was the favourite of the Greek Gods, praised for his wisdom and ingenuity, until his arrogance led him to do something horrible. (We do not know what--maybe he's responsible for the sinking of Atlantis? It has to be something truly horrific.) As punishment, he was expelled from Mount Olympus and given to Cornelian as a slave. Cornelian was instructed to teach Artemis to behave himself.

After a rocky start, the two became best friends. Cornelian has power over Artemis, but he does not believe in slavery, so Artemis became his assistant and companion instead.

Artemis can be a diva. He loves to be pampered, is nocturnal, and has a mild obsession with tea.

He is also the logo for Mili Fay Art.

"I am not a common pigeon!" ~ Artemis

The following are more cartoony versions of Artemis representing the Mili Fay Art brand.